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Hungarian Polo Club

Horse polo, a traditional sport with a history going back several centuries, had a comeback in Hungary after the political transition. As a result of this revival came the reorganization of the Hungarian Polo Club. The Club’s equestrian sporting activities got a second wind on the meadow of Tabajd at the end of the 90s.
By now the infrastructure needed for horse polo has been fully completed – English style stables, sand and grass turnout paddocks, a club house and other facilities are available for horse polo enthusiasts.
The Hungarian Horse Polo Club, founded in 2007, aims to coordinate and foster the development of the Hungarian polo sport. Thanks to this development Hungary was able to send a team to the European Championship games.
Traditionally, among the most prestigious events organized by the Hungarian Polo Club are the DIPLOMATS CUP held at the beginning of the season, the SUMMER CUP held in early July, and the GRÓF ANDRÁSSY-HEREND CUP held before the end of the season.

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