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Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton brand is a synonym for luxury and quality and needs no special introduction since it is well-known worldwide – it is present in 50 countries with 300 exclusive shops. The ‘LV’ initials of the brand have become a trade-mark and it is not only especially popular, but almost a status symbol among the users of the brand. 
In the mid 90s, under the auspices of creative director Marc Jacobs, the company launched its first ready to wear clothing line. Still today the garments are made by hand and the company regards artistic value, a long tradition, expertise and continuous innovation as its fundamental values.
One of their most popular campaign was timed to coincide with the showcasing of the 2011-2012 fall/winter collection of the ’LV’ brand. This spectacular event recounted the history of the company by parading elegant vintage cars. We had the good fortune to contribute to the company’s Central European activities.

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