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Hungaro Café

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Siófok, 2011.11.10.

Recently, we gave a little taste of our talent in interior decoration. No wonder why visitors spent the most of their time at Hungaropharma’s stand at the pharmacists’ conference held in Siófok early October. At the entrance of the café, passers-by could refresh themselves with  fruit-filled lemonade from the Gyöngy (Pearl) Lemonade Bar. The counter was created with image elements evoking Gyöngy Pharmacies, with the back wall decorated by pharmacy glassware filled with beads. In the interior of the stand was Hungaro Café, built in the style of Mozart coffee houses. Even the manager of the hotel was amazed how a simple, square-shaped, white, and stern conference hall was turned into such an attractive location. In the café, specialities made of the high-end L'Antico coffee were served. The aroma, the dark red and beige colours, the lamp-brackets, the wooden furniture and flooring, as well as the coffee-themed decorations lent the place a special atmosphere. We hope that in this pleasant milieu, a lot of useful and long-term business relationships were established.
Hungaro Pharma